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Embrace Church has been a growing passion of New and Living Way Church.  God has been helping us to receive and extend the love we have so freely been given in Christ.  It is not earned or manufactured, it is demonstrated through the cross of Jesus Christ.  It is love freely received and freely given.  We could never earn the kind of love God offers.  It originates with Him and is offered as an embrace to us.  God wants us all to know we are loved and we belong.


God has put in our hearts at Embrace Church/NLW to give the love we have so freely received in the downtown Edmonton core.  Our desire is for people to experience the embrace of God through Jesus Christ.  Our mission is simple — present a clear message of the love of God in Christ.  We believe we all need to know we belong and are loved by God.  God, who knows us best, loves us most.  We can learn together how to live from that love, not for it.


(*New and Living Way is a member of Ministers Network Canada and is actively involved in Edmonton Area Ministers Association and city wide initiatives.)

Embrace God

Feeling lost, lonely, meaningless, afraid, vulnerable, shamed, condemned, rejected? Discovering what is missing is not something but someone. An orphan's heart hurts. 

"To live in the Father's Embrace is to live loved"

Embrace Community

The central component of living in the embrace of God is to Embrace Community, to feel a sense of belonging. You can't do life alone. Embrace Church wants to foster community in Edmonton. 

"Community is God's original design for people"

Embrace Serving

We all have something to give, freely we have received, freely we give. One of our biggest desires is to serve our community. Naturally, as we Embrace God and Embrace Community we want to Embrace Serving. For many years we have enjoyed serving at Senior's residences. Most recently, we have been involved with Kiwanis Place but want to expand to serving many areas. If you have a passion in Edmonton, as a community we want to help you serve

"Living is in Giving"


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